Oxted Web Design Contract

This document is a web design service contract between Oxted Web Design also called the “Provider”, and “you” also called the “Client”.

Oxted Web Design will design websites based on the client needs and will not take responsibility for the content on the website or lack of. The client is responsible for supplying the content for the website.

Oxted Web design will offer services based on our packages, once you agree a package you are allowed to increase that package at anytime during your contract. You are not permitted to decrease your package once we start designing your website.

Your package is a 1 year term and after the year you move to our hosting only package which is billed per year.

Renewals are paid upfront for the year, alternatively you can pay in bulk for multiple years which allows you to lock in the price.

Oxted Web Design will aim to keep your website online for at least 90% of up-time but can't guarantee this. Power Outages can occur due to unforeseen circumstances, in this event your website will be unavailable until the power is restored.

Oxted Web Design can terminate the contract at any time, if the contract is terminated prior to renewal a refund of what is left will be made.

Oxted Web Design uses ready made templates which allows websites to be built affordably and quickly.

What are you paying for? You are paying for us to build your website and host it. The time it takes to create it and for our expertise in building something eye catching for your clients. You are also paying for us to look after your website so you don't have to. You are also paying us to keep your website secure.

Once designed and hosted your website will be included on our portfolio page and social media, if you do not want this please let us know.

We will also include a small banner at the bottom of your website stating your website was built by Oxted Web Design.

Our prices change yearly, we always ensure we stay competitive that's why if someone else quotes cheaper we will price match.

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